Management Board

1-  MUHAMMED GIYAS MUTİ  / Chairman of  Management Board

2-  HASAN SÜREYYA SEZGİN   / Deputy Chairman of the Board

3-  HÜSEYİN SEVİM     / Secretary

4-  MEHMET BİSELİ         / Writer

5-  DURSUN ALİ ŞAHİN            / Member

6- KAYA KARTAL   / Chairman of the Oversight Committee

7- HASAN KARAISMAIL   / Member of the Oversight Committee


Address by the Chairman of the Organization

Dear Brothers

Science is the best investment in life.

What has happened in this region has affected hundreds of thousands of Syrian students in the basic and secondary studies in Syria and in the Diaspora. It has also affected their families, who have been forced to leave their country and migrate to neighboring countries.

Therefore, if we leave this situation as it is, we may observe a generation that is the deepest and most pedagogical and humane deviation from what our nation suffers today, with the almost non-containment of the parents and teachers of their children (because they also have difficulty living), and we are almost dwarfed by an educational disaster And a defeated generation, the violence inside it, and the ignorance outside it, is full of its humanity (God forbid).


As a result of these painful events in our region, efforts have to be made to bridge a gap in our societies: education. A group of academic, educational and educational brothers formed the Education and Education Organization in July 2016 to provide services to students and academics. To strengthen the links between students and academics, to provide educational and financial services and scientific research services to students and academics, and to organize and support cultural and scientific activities among educational and scientific institutions, Turkish and Syrian institutions, as well as the support of persons and institutions active in this field, strengthening the links between institutions, associations, endowments, Turkish and Syrian events as well as individuals, sharing cultural and social heritage, carrying out all kinds of relief, scientific, cultural and economic activities. And to provide in-kind and cash assistance to needy students and schools in Turkey or abroad, especially the Syrians, and to provide financial grants to students who Kindergarten, primary, secondary, secondary or other higher education levels, providing educational assistance in the field of scientific research, providing financial support to academics, especially Syrians, and accepting support and donations from within and outside the country to achieve this goal.

In order to reach the goals of our Organization, we ask you to pray and make efforts and sharpen our efforts to reach this noble end.

Greetings from the heart with all respect to you ..

M.Giyas Muti

تبرع الآن