About Us

Our Point

The tragedy of education in many countries of the world and the Arab world stands out as a result of the weakness of the abilities to support this important sector, the thing which threatens the future of entire generations and makes them vulnerable to illiteracy, crime and loss, which will have negative, serious consequences and effects on the whole world. Therefore, judging from this awful perspective, the initiative has become necessary to save the current situation and future of education by all available means. The governments and both international and civil organizations are the duty holder of the largest part of responsibility, and thus starts the role of the Educational and Science Organization, Which aims to support and nurture the science and educational field in countries experiencing crises and disasters.

Collective and participatory work


Our team leader :

1-  MUHAMMED GIYAS MUTİ  / Chairman of  Management Board
2-  HASAN SÜREYYA SEZGİN   / Deputy Chairman of the Board
3-  HÜSEYİN SEVİM     / Secretary
4-  MEHMET BİSELİ         / Writer
5-  DURSUN ALİ ŞAHİN            / Member
6- KAYA KARTAL   / Chairman of the Oversight Committee
7- HASAN KARAISMAIL   / Member of the Oversight Committee

Our Identity

ILIM Education organization is an independent, non-profit Turkish civil community organization dedicated to all stages of educational process, for all immigrant students, especially Syrians wherever they might be.

Our Work

Supporting the educational process and controlling its quality (basic education in its three stages, university education and high-level studies) and controls its quality and its programs for immigrant students, especially Syrians inside and outside Syria.

Our Message

To support and disseminate the universal institutional education considering it as one of the most fundamental human rights in accordance with the international and humanitarian laws.

Our Goals

Primary Objectives

  • Providing educational opportunities for every Arab child and youth, especially the Syrian in or outside Syria

  • Funding and assisting educational institutions that aim to achive thier goals

  • Developingpreviusly-establishedEducational institutions in order to be consistent with the required professional standards

  • Activatingthe projects that are based on innovation and talent development

  • Supporting projects that provide higher education opportunities in the areas needed by the Arab society.

Strategic goals

  • developing educational programs

  • Setting the international standards of preformance as well as programsand education buildings

  • Developing educational mechanisms and methods.

  • Benefit from similar international organizations in the development of education.

  • Cooperation with international universities in a way that serves educational programs and students.

  • Establishinga detailed database that serves the educational process and programs

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