who are we?
İLİM EİİTİM DERNEİİ is an independent, non-profit Turkish civil society organization registered in the Republic of Turkey at 135-225-34 on 15/07/2016 under a formal contract. The Organization of Science and Education is concerned with the educational process in all its stages for all displaced students, Wherever they are.

The aim of the Science and Education Organization is to carry out scientific, historical and cultural research; to contribute to educational research; to provide services to students, academics and scholars, especially Turks and Syrians; to strengthen the links between students and academics; to provide educational, financial and scientific research services to students and academics; Educational and scientific institutions, especially the Turkish and Syrian institutions, and supporting persons and institutions that are involved in this field, mainly Turkish and Syrian, to strengthen the links between institutions, associations, endowments, Turkish events and As well as individuals, to share cultural and social heritage, to undertake all types of relief, scientific, cultural and economic activities, to contribute to the dissemination of the principles of volunteerism, to improve the humanitarian, cultural and intellectual conditions of societies and people exposed to disasters.

Our vision:
Build an educated and creative generation that will contribute to the spread of human civilization and the building of man, and save him from the clutches of ignorance and loss.

Our Mission:
To support and disseminate school, vocational and university education as a fundamental human right in accordance with international and humanitarian laws and norms.

rate us:
Developing societies through building human knowledge and culture.
Transparency and credibility.
Impartiality and non-discrimination.
From our point of view:
This tragedy threatens the future of entire generations and makes them vulnerable to ignorance, crime and loss, which will have serious repercussions and negative effects on the whole world. From this bitter scene, the initiative is necessary to save the reality and the future. Education and education by all available means, and the largest responsibility rests with the governments and international organizations and civil, and from this principle starts the role of the Organization of Science and Education, which aims to support and nurture the educational field in countries experiencing crises and disasters.

Our Goals:
Providing educational opportunities for every Arab child and youth, especially the Syrian, inside or outside Syria.
Support educational institutions based on achieving their objectives.
To improve the status of existing educational institutions to be consistent with the required professional standards.
Supporting projects to provide higher education opportunities in the areas needed by the Arab community.
To promote the development of educational crisis societies through educational and educational programs and projects.
Raise radical solutions to education problems through academics and specialists within medium and long term strategic plans.
Our working mechanisms:
To put forward research, studies and proposals that benefit the development of educational and educational process within societies.
Implement and monitor programs and work and evaluate their outputs through educational and educational specialists.
• Open up to local and international partners to support programs and projects to improve the education situation in academically challenged societies.
Spreading education by all means of visual, audiovisual and readable in all field and electronic methods in accordance with the highest international and international quality standards.
Our business scope:
Within the Syrian territory, and neighboring countries (Turkey – Jordan – Lebanon – Iraq – Egypt).
Sudan – Egypt – Bosnia – Morocco – Mauritania – Yemen – Libya – Algeria – and other countries suffering from crises in education.
Organizational structure:

The organization is made up of three basic components:

Organizational Structure of the Organization of Science and Education

– Component I / General Assembly:

The General Assembly is the largest component of the Organization in terms of responsibility and consists of the associate members of the Organization.

– The second component / the administrative body (the board of directors) Five members + five members reserve.

A. Mohammed Ghayath Mutti
2. a. Hassan Soraya Szeghin

3. a. Hussein Swim

4A. Mohammed Bisali

5. a. Dorson Ali Shaheen

6 a. Hassan Qara Ismail

7. a. Kaya Kartal

vice president






– Component III / Advisory Council of the Organization of Science and Education:

The Advisory Board consists of 12 members, namely a group of university professors, educators, academics specializing in education, management of the educational process and administrative experts.

Supervisory Board (Oversight Committee) Three members + three reserve members:
The Supervisory Board shall be selected by the General Assembly. It shall consist of three permanent members and three reserve members. The Supervisory Board shall inspect the implementation of the other organs for the purposes and objectives of the Organization in a manner that ensures the quality of the institutional work in the Organization.


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